Monday, 18 April 2011

Getting clean without the soap

I’ve really been trying to embrace these cold showers. What I’ve found is that when I take a relaxing hot shower is that I get too relaxed and don’t focus on washing myself so I then waste water. With cold showers however, I can’t wait to get out yet I feel remarkably better when I get out; well it’s really not that bad once you get past that initial pain period. It’s great for those sluggish mornings – which should be almost non-existent now I’m Paleo – but there still will be those days when duty calls and we’ll surrender to the shower and after counting to a hundred of ice breaking on my back I’m ready and raring for action.

Since I’ve had acne, I’ve learned that its acidic foods that tend more to cause it. The strong acidic foods are soft drinks, alcohol, sugar and white bread – funny how they’ll all non-paleo. Legumes, nuts, dairy, meat and fish are all mildly acidic. But we need a bit of acid in us right? Yes, I didn’t bother skimping on the meat and fish of course – but dairy was moderated as that has been a sure sign of acne for many.

But where have my last few paragraphs actually related back to the title at hand. Well, I’ve been building up to that. Soap is acidic, so why not cut out another acidic agent; after all I don’t need to consume any soap whereas meat and fish are mandatory – because if I’m abiding by keeping my foods too alkaline I might as well be vegan. But even they have legumes. Anyway, the point is, the acquittal of soap from my cabinet has saved money and improved my skin and hair. I know the diet may have a role to play – but the last few weeks or so have been soap free and I intend to keep it that way. No one has noticed, so why revert back to my former modern ways.

So if our skin responds better to alkaline in most instances, why not just ditch the acidic soap. It will save a quid here and there too.