Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Longevity Part 1: Running the Marathon at 101

As I write this article on longevity I listen to the wise words of Buster Martin, formerly the UK’s oldest employee who got “bored in retirement” to become a van cleaner at Pimlico Plumbers.

In my opinion, one can be as Paleo and diligently strict as they like but I always believe a positive mental attitude is a must for carrying oneself into old age, particularly beyond the golden age of 100 and that’s exactly what Buster shows; the fact that he doesn’t really give a sh*t what anyone around him thinks “I’m not like you people – normal” he beams and maybe that’s the little bit extra that one needs to make it to such an advanced age. It seemed that his wellbeing was fuelled by lack of boredom, still working and active while his sedentary counterparts are sat in relative boredom in the local care homes.

Let’s delve a little deeper into Buster’s diet. “I like to have a pint. I like to smoke.” He continues: “I’ve always been fit. I don’t eat fish, I don’t eat dairy products, but I do like my red meat, veg, I don’t drink tea, I don’t drink water. No I don’t drink any water in a marathon. Give me a beer, yeah I’ll have that.” So he likes his meat and vegetables, fairly healthy wouldn’t you say – fairly PALEO? He’s got a laid back and refreshingly free outlook on life. The fags and the booze seem to be his secret weapon, though I detect by 101 he’s learned to take it in moderation. So it is key to note no matter how strict we are, some times we’ve got to learn to take a step back and enjoy life a bit and admire the wonderful fruits which this world bears us.

However, whatever the outcome, it seems Buster was one of those who didn’t come around very often. Just see him in action and talking tactics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gt_KcJYy36Y, prior to his marathon.
Buster seemed like such a character. He sadly died on 13th April 2011 aged 104 years.

Tomorrow I’ll continue with another article on longevity and the possibility of just how far our bodies can last us.'