Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Longevity Part 2: Living to 130. Is it possible?

So the eldest person on record to date to have lived is Jean Calment aged 122 years 164 days, but that’s still over seven years shy of what we’re asking. Although Sakhan Dosova, of Kazakhstan is reported to have lived as long as 130 before her death in 2009, insufficient birth records could not verify her as the world’s oldest woman. However, there are still only around 90-100 known people to have exceeded 110 of a population of almost 7 billion worldwide so statistics are against us. Facts aside, could it really be done by the current batch?

There is something to say about this. Imagine if those who did exceed 110 actually were on a much healthier diet, such as The Paleo Diet. I find this to be deliberate advertising of the PALEO brand but it’s simply true and I don’t really think many people had the same kind of dietary information as we all do today – so imagine how far we could go.

Furthermore, I reckon that most super centenarian were not particularly athletic or even hardworking to the point where they’re running themselves into the ground; as I believe an athletic youth can be counterproductive when in “super” old age.

We could also draw inspiration from the animal kingdom namely the tortoise. Tu'i Malila was the world’s oldest tortoise at 188 years old. It doesn’t take a genius to work out tortoises live a looooong and slooooow life. Ever heard the phrase “live fast, die young?”

So while I remember reading in “The New Evolutionary Diet” by Arthur de Vany that one person said it was possible and also someone else had uttered this, though I can’t remember any names unfortunately, I reckon it is very much possible with science and technology improving all the time, whereas human dietary needs have remained more or less the same for millions of years, but let’s not get too hung up on longevity and make sure we seize the life that we have. Let’s stop living our pessimistic lives and pour some more wine into the glass, someone will get there.

The disputed claim of Sakhan Dosova reaching 130, though I believe such an age is not too distant a possibility...